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We’re developing a new project called Resound which will center community voices as part of Reframe’s mission to emphasize community-informed, humanizing language and frames in journalism. Resound’s goal is to engage the very communities that newsrooms tend to stigmatize, harm, or underserve and amplify their narratives or experiences with media to build a case for change and a potential pathway to building trust. This project is in its early stages of development, so please reach out to senior editorial associate John Hernandez if you are interested in learning more or have feedback to offer.

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Portrait of protesters at a protest for George Floyd in Philadelphia.

Community conversations on protest coverage in Philadelphia

Since the release of our study of coverage of the George Floyd protests, Reframe has convened conversations with representatives from local news organizations, surveyed Philadelphians for their feedback, and spoke with community members to give some voice to what was not captured in our initial report: how audiences felt, the history of coverage of similar events, and the difficult realities of producing breaking news.

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