Content Analysis

Portrait of protesters at a protest for George Floyd in Philadelphia.
What stories do your stories tell? At Reframe, we believe that an important part of ensuring journalism serves our communities is taking a step back to analyze the metanarratives present in our reporting.

We recently conducted rigorous research into the coverage of protests in Philadelphia following George Floyd’s murder in 2020 by analyzing hundreds of articles, headlines, images, and sources. We came away with many key findings and recommendations specific to protest journalism and breaking news. But, just as important, we learned that newsrooms don’t need to conduct full-scale academic research into their work to discover and understand the patterns in their coverage. With a little time and honest discussion, journalists can get this bird’s-eye view and make changes that will improve their work. Content analysis doesn’t have to be perfect and peer-reviewed, it just has to be useful!

Is your newsroom seeking to learn more about its reportage, from the framing and language being used to the people and communities being covered? We want to help you dig into these thorny conversations and come out with a roadmap to better journalism.

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