A woman stands in front of a wall of newspapers.
No matter where you are in the news-making process — from a community member invested in accurate, equitable representation in news to an editor in search of resources on humanizing language — we offer tools at the individual, organizational, and industry levels to create far-reaching, long-lasting change.

For Newsrooms

The Reframe team wants to help your newsroom improve its coverage and build trust with your community. Whether you’re a local digital start-up or a legacy newspaper, we have solutions for every stage of the editorial process to help you increase the accuracy and authenticity of your reporting through precise, human-centered language and respectful, equitable news frames.

For Journalists

When you’re on deadline and need advice for reporting with clear, accurate language, we have resources you can use right now. From our language and framing guides that help you cover breaking news to our weekly newsletter of tips and interesting reads, you’ll find the discussion and answers you’re looking for.

For Communities

The personal experiences and perspectives of the communities that journalists cover are at the heart of Reframe’s work. We want to hear your stories and opinions and amplify them across the news industry. Help newsrooms describe your communities and identities accurately by joining in on our latest projects.