Our Mission

Reframe is an initiative of Resolve Philly that aims to help journalists more fairly and accurately report on misrepresented and excluded communities.

We believe:

  1. Everyone deserves authentic and fair representation in the news, but many don’t receive it.
  2. Accurate language has the power to create narrative change and build trust that can sustain journalism.
  3. Journalists should use their words to heal, not harm.
  4. Word and framing choices are processes through which journalists actively wield their own sociopolitical power and influence.

We want journalists to engage more deeply with their word choices, how they choose which events to highlight, and how they do so. This paradigm requires analysis from journalists — retrospection, introspection and extrospection — because the choices they make have implications that extend beyond the “story” as journalists see it. Too often, journalism defaults to a status quo that perpetuates injustice.

Simultaneously, the news industry continues to struggle financially and reporters have ever-increasing workloads. Journalists need tools today that will help them adapt for tomorrow — and we all need life-saving information. From pandemics to climate change to threats to civil rights, our communities can’t afford to be excluded from information that helps them survive and thrive.

We have built a variety of complementary resources that help reporters think deeply about language and framing throughout the editorial process. Our tools tackle the problem at the individual, organizational, and industry levels to create far-reaching, long-lasting change that will benefit journalism and our communities alike.